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We are very proud of our Knights SRO, and wanted to share.

Comment Posted By Mayor Brent Taylor

Congratulations Officer Jason Child!

"Northern Utah School Resource Officer of the Year"

Huge congratulations to Officer. Jason Child who was recognized last week for his excellent work with our school students.  Excerpt from Officer. Child's nomination: "Jason has been employed with North Ogden City since September of 2001.  He began his career in Animal Services and then transferred over to the Police Department two years later.  Jason is currently our School Resource Officer and has done a tremendous job of working with administrators, faculty, and students to improve overall relations at all Weber District schools in North Ogden.  He has been able to focus his efforts on students that are deficient, both socially or academically, and has given them confidence to improve their grades and attendance.  Officer Child recently established the Tri-City Youth Court involving student volunteers from Weber High, North Ogden Junior High, and Orion Junior High, which has given them the opportunity to learn the process of court proceedings and how the judicial system works.  Students referred to the Youth Court system are given the chance to avoid juvenile court trials and a juvenile criminal record.  Officer Child oversees our crossing guards, scout and community projects, youth tours, and participates in the Weber Coalition for Suicide Prevention program.  Jason teaches DARE at all three elementary schools, and has taught Safety, Texting, Bullying, and the dangers of Alcohol curriculum to students at North Ogden Junior High.  He has helped provide annual ALERRT training at our schools too.  Officer Child is well liked by his students because he has a genuine concern for their well-being and academic achievements."