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12 Oct 16


COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING Wednesday October 12, 2016

Members Present: Ms. Mindy Pendergast, Parent Ms. Marlisa Lund, Parent /Co-Chairperson, Ms. Wendy Long, Principal, Ms. Shanna Campbell, Teacher, Mr. Rhett Fronk, Teacher 3:00p.m. - Media Conference Room Ms. Marty Roskelley-recorder

Attending: Mr. Nick Harris (WSD Technology Supervisor); Officer Jason Child (402 School Resource Officer); Tamarc Briggs, PTSA President; Amy Saxton, community visitor; Keri Fiddler, community visitor


Excused: Ms. Jackie Hill, Parent;Ms. Angie Erickson, Parent; Mr. Harry Short, Teacher; Mr. Kyle Hansen, Asst. Principal

Welcome: Ms. Wendy Long, Principal

Child Intemet Protection Act (CIPA):

PowerPoint and discussion by: Mr. Nick Harris, WSD Technology Supervisor

- Digital Citizenship - Internet Safety Introduction - IBOSS Web Filters, WSD uses two filters, secure web gateway and secondary backup. Filtering by Grade - Elementary Staff- Junior High Staff - High School Staff - and School Level. A question was asked if a teacher could have a certain website unblocked. The answer was yes, but the teacher must show a really good reason. Usually the answer is no.

- C.I.P.A.-Child Internet Protection Act - to help students become thoughtful, responsible, ethical, and informed digital citizens. Check out Common Sense Media - look up apps, books, etc. before putting on phones, chrome books, iPad, etc. It contains 7,8,gth grade lessons, videos. It is up to the principals to decide who teaches what lessons - Great for small classroom size group, but not for recommended for assemblies. Question was asked if "Common Sense" was accessible to parent to know what their student is being taught. The answer was Yes and Mr. Harris will get the information to Principal Long, and we are free to contact him with any questions.

North Ogden Police Department: Officer Jason Child

  • (402 School Resource Officer) - - D.A.R.E. or Drug Abuse Resistance Education for 6th graders @ North Ogden and Bates Elementary - Teaches the drills, safety issues and crime interview - helps with non-attending students - Started March 2016 Youth Court - 1't time offenses of youth, such as truancies, from North Ogden Jr., Orion Jr., Montessori, and Weber High. Selected Weber High students serve as their judges and jurors under his supervision.

  • Saturday Oct. 9th, Officer Child was in the dunking booth at the "Day against Crime". Proceeds will go to the Sub for Santa. They had a lot of different booths and activities for the youth and community, such as gun safety and gave away free gun locks, ID's/fingerprinting, with an emphasis on children and adults with special needs. There is a "Keep them Safe" form that can be given out to parents andlor teachers, fill out and emailed back to Officer Child. This will help identify children and adults and their needs in case of an emergency.

  • Shout-Out from Principal Long - Special Thanks to Officer Child for all the extra help with security and slowing people down by the school, especially since we have all the heavy construction. He knows what he's doing and we appreciate him. He has been even known to dance the NaeNae @ Bates Elementary.

  • Our local police department is always welcome at NOJH. We want them to be visible at our school. We want the students to know them, be familiar with their faces and vice-a-versa. Officer Child works heavily with the training of the police in our local schools during fall, winter, and summer breaks, so that they are knowledgeable about the premises and locations of the entrance doors and classrooms. Our school has numbers posted on doors for safety or call outs. The local police have also been given NOJH building keys.

Community Council Election: New Members

New Parent Member voted in by current parent members: Kristine Potokar, Parent; Jackie Summers, Parent; Naomi Trammell, Parent New Teacher Member: Janet Weaver, Teacher

Nomination of New Chairperson - Mindy Pendergast, Parent.

Nominated by Marlisa Lund, Second by Naomi Trammel

Nomination of New Co-Chairperson - Janet Weaver, Teacher.

Nominated by Kristine Potokar, Second by Marlisa Lund

School Land Trust Report 2016-17:

Trustland Budget and School Plan 2016-17 North Ogden Jr: A hard copy was given Out and explained by Principal Long.

NOJH will be replacing the whole projector units when the light bulbs fail, not just the light bulb. It is not cost effective since the light bulb prices are extremely high.

Building Constructions Updates:

Working with Mr. Scots Zellman (WSD Director of Facilities)

- Inspections need to be completed

- Few modifications along the way - preferably at no cost

- Old yellow walls are leaving with a fresh coat of paint

- Bulletin boards, Ifuight shields, Flags, etc. .. are up in the halls

- End of November the stage should be ready

- Gym opening may be as early as March 2017

- Lighting should be wonderful

- PTSA arranged for a local afiist, Kurt Larsen, to paint us a new mural on our wall

Hope Week Review

Ms. Tamara Briggs (NOJH PTSA President) reported that "Hope Week" was wonderful.

- Monday was a cool night at Valley Elementary with food trucks and live bands.

- Tuesday at Orion Jr. they had the JazzBear and an exciting and inspirational band.

- Wednesday was amazinghere at NOJH. "Try-It-Knight" - bubble soccer, climbing wall, spike ball, line dancing, food, and a V-ball net went up too. Students did not want to leave; everl.thing turned out great.

- Thursday at Weber High - Alex Boye' concert was a positive and wonderful event. He spent time with the student afterwards; that was priceless.

Friday night was the Weber High football game and awesome raffle prizes

Mr. Fronk's Student Response Team are empowered to help others. Hopefully next year will be as successful. We are saving lives - for all ages - we are all one.

The picture that was painted/created by students at each of the participating schools, will be displayed at Weber High. Jill Kirkham and Stacy Hanis are the coordinators ofthe art project.

Ms. Angie Erikson sent in a video on 'Hope Week" to the Standard Examiner site. Check it out if you have time.

Closing: Mrs. Wendy Long, Principal

NOJH band teacher was gifted a sound system from Mr. Nick Harris. This will help her talk to her large classes. The choir teacher has a similar one.

Principal Long will be going to China at the end of this month. She will be visiting the schools over there in preparation for NOJH upcoming Chinese immersion program. Currently we have a foreign language class that teaches basic Chinese for any students who want to start.

Everyone was thanked for all their time and for coming to the meeting.

An invitation to tour the schools new construction was extended and accepted by the council.

Meeting was adjourned @ 4:25 p.m.