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15 Mar 17



            Wednesday March 15th, 2017

Members Present:                                                       3:00 P.M. - Media Conference Room

Ms. Mindy Pendergast, Parent/Chairperson                          Ms. Marty Roskelley-recorder   

Ms. Janet Weaver, Teacher/ Co-Chairperson            

Ms. Angie Erickson, Parent                                        Ms. Shanna Campbell, Teacher

Ms. Naomi Trammell, Parent                                     Mr. Rhett Fronk, Teacher

Ms. Jackie Summers, Parent                                       Ms. Wendy Long, Principal   

Ms. Marlisa Lund, Parent


Excused: Ms. Kristine Potokar, Parent; Mr. Harry Short, Teacher;

      Ms. Jackie Hill, Parent; Mr. Kyle Hansen, Asst. Principal          

Attending: Keri Fiddler, community visitor.

Welcome:  Ms. Mindy Pendergast, Parent/Chairperson   

                        School Land Trust Report – Confirm 2017-2018 Budget:  (see attachment)

  • Budget was intact. Principal Long helped the district review other schools.      district numbers were off.
  •      Revised last page, estimate carry over money affected because the state and  
  • One change was for two additional Chrome labs instead of one hard lab.
  • Access points throughout the school even in new gym area are good, but the library is a dead zone.


Building construction update:  Open House April 17th, 3:30 P.M.

  • Contractors are 96% done with the gym. The goal is to be done and usable by March 27th. Weight room equipment just arrived and is being assembled. They are busy setting up the new display cases and filling them with all the beautiful athletic trophies NOJH has received, including volleyball championships with Coach Boyington. This will be a great way for our North Ogden Jr. High students to see their heritage and school pride.

Review Net Smart Training:  March 1st

  • Net Smart presented an internet safety assembly for our students. It was an amazing opportunity. The students seemed to really enjoy this assembly. It was presented to each grade separately. This was the first time we were able to use our new projection screen and equipment.

“Mulan Jr.” Show – New Stage Review:

  • N.O.J.H. has a beautiful new stage. About 120 of our students have been working hard on this two cast play. They will be presenting Disney’s
  • “Mulan Jr.” – March 16th – 18th at 7:00 P.M. and Matchmaker’s Tea/Saturday Matinee at 12:30/2:00 P.M. Two dress rehearsals were presented for the North Ogden and Bates Elementary on Tuesday, March 14th, with about 1000 students attending.

Baseball and Track Seasons Begin:

  • Mr. Fronk stated the tryouts for both baseball and track were on Monday, March 13th with 100 plus students. The students seemed to be very happy, excited, and even had music playing to enjoy.

P.T.S.A. Announcements: 

  • Ms. Mindy Pendergast discussed that there were going to be three to five business names on the plaque in the new gym. The mural is going to be commissioned by one of our own local artists, Mr. Kirk Larsen. Ms. Shanna Campbell stated that the Hilton $1000.00 was stipulated to go for the new gym mural. A request was made to check with Joanne Kelly, NOJH head secretary. The P.T.S.A. would like to pay for the mural. Suggestions were made for any unassigned money to go towards shields to be displayed by the front door.  

Google Certified Teachers:

  • Principal Long paid for substitutes so all our English teachers could go to the classes and be Google certified teachers. Eventually more teachers will be certified.

Chromebooks for all English Teachers:

  • Delivery date of March 16, 2017 – All NOJH English classes will be receiving chrome books from the district.



  • Principal Long stated that the Weber School District is accepting nominations for “Teacher of the Year” and “Classified Employee of the Year” for the 2016-17 school year.

Training Video School Land Trust:

Meeting was adjourned @ 3:23 P.M. after which Principal Wendy Long took the

Community Council members on a tour of the school’s new construction.