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NOJH PTSA General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

10:30 am, NOJH Library                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


In attendance:

Kristyn Humphreys Dominique Dietz Wendy Long
Don Morse Jill Kirkham Peggy Roylance

Welcome & Introductions: Kristyn welcomed the group and offered Pledge of Allegiance.


  • January Minutes were approved via email and are now posted online.


Principal’s Report: (Wendy)

  • She has been interviewing new teachers and is glad they have excited they still have excitement for the job
  • Worried about the student population
    • Where are their hearts?/How are they handling this?
    • Glad to at least stay in school
    • Thanks to teachers, parents, students for patience through this year.
  • Finishing up Accreditation Paperwork (March).
    • Has all been online this year
    • Saves school funding and less involvement required
  • School Improvements over past Six Years
    • Mental health supports
    • Outreach programs to strengthen students and community members.


Counselor’s Report (Dom)

  • PCCR Process is complete
    • 7th Graders did a group PCCR with an exit survey. 
      • Many positive, neutral, and challenging responses.
    • 8th Graders did individual PCCRs with most done virtually
      • Utah Futures is no longer
      • Exit survey assessed effectiveness of tools to keep them on track.
    • 9th Graders did PCCR and Weber Counselors met with them through Weber Experience.
      • 81% of 9th graders are registered for next year
    • New Webpage has many resources to help online and in person learners.
      • Maren Tubbs and Chelsea Nelson are working hard to reach students and parents.

Treasurer’s Report (Peggy)

  • Reviewed funds received and expenditures


PTSA REPS (Kristyn)

  • Making Teacher Appreciation signs for May


  • Several have renewed and most have committed to it
  • Jill will follow-up with DeLairs.
  • New options on MemberHub


Presidents Report (Kristyn)

  • Donut Day - March 1 or March 17
  • PTC Dinner Budget increased from $700 to $1,100
    • Take-away dinners from Zupa’s
  • PTSA Board
    • Still looking for a treasurer
    • Cinnamon Geppelt, Candace Thomas, and Jill Kirkham on the committee
    • Kristyn will follow-up with interested contacts
  • School Grant for end of year
    • Water bottle refilling stations are expensive and necessary.


Next Meeting Wednesday, March 17 @ 10:30

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