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NOJH PTSA General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

9:00 am, NOJH Teacher Lounge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


In attendance:

Amy Jacobs Keri Fidler Marlisa Lund Jill Kirkham
Don Morse Lisa Mann Jackie Muno Kim Hall

Erin DeLuna Mindy Pendergast Jackie Peterson Micah Bingham Rachel Hedgepeth Kristyn Humphreys Wendy Clark Heather Knowlden

Julie Simmons Staci Baker Wendy Long Officer Morreale

Welcome & Introductions: Jill welcomed group, asked for introductions, and said the Pledge of Allegiance.


Review of Minutes: May minutes were emailed and approved. They have been posted online.


Principal’s Report:

  • Wendy expressed thanks to all for a great start to the school year
    • Teachers are well prepared with new training
  • Wendy introduced Officer Morreale as the school’s new resource officer
    • He will be at NOJH full-time and assist with DARE at elementaries
    • Helps admin to keep everyone safe
  • Don explained ChromeBook issues
    • New students will get them next week
    • WiFi has been down but will be fixed soon
    • Insurance is an option for students to protect the ChromeBooks
  • Wendy shared that students had a choice to receive lockers. Next year 7th grade students will be issued a locker, 8th & 9th can choose to have one.
  • School capacity is 950 students. All classes are full and the school has a closed boundary.
    • Trustland funds used to fund a licensed social worker, shared with Orion and WHS, and hiring a student advocate

Counselor’s Report:

  • Welcome Jackie Muno as new counselor.
  • Discussion about HOPE Squad and involvement with HOPE Week.
  • Character Ed will focus on ARMOR training for mindfulness and resilience.


Treasurer’s Report: 

  • Discussion about budget for the upcoming year. 
  • Amy motioned to accept the proposed budget. Lisa and Marlisa seconded the motion. All in attendance signed to approve the budget. 


PTSA Reps: 

  • Mindy is accepting applications.
  • Group will meet either before school on late start days or after school on Tuesdays. 
    • Group will vote on meeting time at first meeting
  • PTSA Reps will get new shirts. 
    • Amy will order the shirts after Mindy gets her the sizes.


HOPE Week:

  • Theme for this year is Believe, Unite, Defend, Conquer
  • Kristyn and Kim will take the lead for NOJH
  • NOJH Try it Knight will be 10/1 from 5:30-7:30
    • Suicide prevention, mental health, inclusiveness
  • Discussion about possible speakers
    • Light the Fight
    • Governor’s wife initiative
  • Discussion about activities
    • Passports to try it
    • Line dancing
    • Rock wall
    • Bubble soccer
    • Dart Side
    • 9 Square
    • LaCrosse
    • Kaitlan Toole
    • DJ
  • Prizes needed to donate to WHS
  • Will order Believe You Can t-shirts
  • Food
    • Look into Weber Human Services grant
    • Jackie Muno has a snow cone connection


Stomp Recap:

  • Limbo and Snowcones were a hit
  • Well attended and good for 7th graders


President’s Report:

  • Staff Meeting Report:
    • Met with staff and promoted teacher grants
  • Membership
    • Down a little, there were less registering online (166 from 212)
  • Box Tops
    • Lisa will provide information about the new Box Top redemption process


Upcoming Meeting:

  • September 18 @ 9:00 am

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