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School Musical


Come see the 2016 NOJH musical production,


You won’t want to miss it!


When:  Monday, March 28th , 7:30pm *Family Discount Night— tickets are 2 for 1!*

                Wednesday, March 30th , 7:30pm

                Thursday, March 31st, 7:30pm


Where:  North Ogden Junior High Stage


Ticket Pricing:  $5 for Adults, $2.50 for students

The students here at NOJH have been hard at work rehearsing some of the best musical theatre scenes Broadway has to offer for our upcoming musical revue, #OurShow!

This truly is our show!  Students are taking part of every aspect of the production, from script writing, costume design, to choreography, makeup and hair design.  It will be an incredible production!


#OurShow Synopsis

It’s the end of another year here at North Ogden Jr. High and the students are signing yearbooks while reminiscing on the good, the bad, and the strange times they’ve had here at North Ogden Junior.  Each musical scene we do will be slightly modified from the original to fit a moment or scene here at North Ogden, and we will explore memories such as the first few awkward months of school, love (and the lack of), all the fun classes and extra-curricular activities, as well as the journey we all go through towards being true to ourselves and loving others for who they are!