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About North Ogden Junior High

Nestled at the base of beautiful Ben Lomond is North Ogden Junior High. North Ogden Junior High is a school rich in tradition. Built in 1968, the knight was selected as our mascot, with royal colors of purple and gold. A true knight in shining armor, hand honed in England and donated to the school by the William Dodson family, stands at the main door to greet all visitors to our school.

North Ogden Junior High, located at 575 East 2900 North, North Ogden, Utah 84414, is one of ten junior high schools in Weber School District and includes grades 7-9. It is unique in the fact that we are a walking school with a fluctuating student population of 650-910. Our school contains a special needs unit. We are an upper middle class community located in a suburban setting with a very supportive parent base. We have a 75 member staff consisting of 2 administrators, 44 teachers/counselors, and 29 additional staff members including secretaries, aides, techs, student advocates, custodial staff, culinary specialists, speech therapists, and a nurse. We are blessed with an active Community Council and a strong PTSA. Our school is known for its excellent students, teachers, and staff. A few of the outstanding courses offered here include: Project Lead the Way, three levels of three different world languages, biology and physics, and musical theater. By combining rigorous academic required courses with stimulating and fun electives, our students have a variety of opportunities to engage and excel. North Ogden Junior High has a long tradition of excellence. Our teachers and staff work hard toward the common goal of helping all students excel and prepare for high school. Our school currently serves students from Bates, Majestic and North Ogden Elementary Schools. The staff of North Ogden Junior High places a great emphasis on cooperation and collegiality. Teachers are supportive of each other. They are welcoming to new staff and teachers. We look for ways to increase departmental collaboration in order to facilitate student learning within departments and across the curriculum as a whole. Groups associated with the school support the school’s goals. The PTSA actively supports the staff. Our custodians not only keep the building clean, they are also available to support all of the school’s activities as well as helping to supervise students. The office staff works tirelessly to support teachers and students. This allows teachers to spend more of their time helping students. Counselors work with teachers and students to help students achieve, assist on a variety of issues, and keep them on track for high school. A high percentage of our students are on track for graduation when they leave North Ogden Junior High. Teachers at North Ogden work hard to stay current in their fields and to keep their curriculum relevant. Parents are actively involved, welcomed and receive information about their students through many different avenues of communication. North Ogden Junior High combines high academic standards and a collaborative working environment to create positive outcomes for students, teachers, and staff. At North Ogden Junior High we believe that students should be Knowledgeable in their course work, Noble in their interactions with others and Insightful in seeing the connections to the real world. They should Gallantly strive toward their future and future learning; a knight should be Honorable in all things even when someone is not watching, and be Tolerant and accepting of those with differences. They will be Successful in learning as well as managing their own behaviors.

Sherry Patton Principal

Tyler King Assistant Principal