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Areas of Strength/Focus

  • ·The students learn practical applications for numeracy and literacy.  We prepare students for the pursuit of higher education and/or careers in Applied Technology occupations.  We integrate current technology theory and practice into the students learning activities through student-centered learning and problem solving activities.
  • ·Using the information we have learned at conferences, professional development, and continued education, we have implemented a variety of teaching methods to maximize student achievement.
  • ·Each teacher is highly qualified to teach in his/her content area.
  • ·Teacher lesson plans include a variety of learning activities and techniques to ensure that the needs of different learning styles are addressed.  We attend IEP and 504 meetings and make accommodations accordingly.  We meet the needs of our deaf students, ESL and low level readers.
  • ·We follow the state standards and course objectives.  In the classes where state competency tests are given, the majority of our students score higher than the state average. 
  • ·We insure that every student has equitable access to technology. Teachers utilize every resource available and are trained to effectively integrate technology into the curriculum. 

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